Kodokan Kendo UK

'Kodokan Kendo UK are a 'Premier Centre for Excellence' located in Watford and Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire and were funded through a Sports England 'Inspired Facilities Grant' in 2011'


34th Kodokan Int Kendo seminar with Masatake Sumi Hanshi 8-dan in Watford UK

28th - 30th August 2020 


Kodokan Kendo UK's 'Premier Centre for Excellence' is located in Watford Hertfordshire at Rembrandt House and is a custom built Kendo dojo funded through a Sports England 'Inspired Facilities Grant' in 2011

Kodokan as a club was founded in 1980 by Paul Budden sensei-Kyoshi, Nanadan (7-dan), supported by the 'late' Terry Holt sensei. Budden sensei is a registered NAKMAS Senior Instructor, Technical Director of the Maltese Kendo Federation. Dojo Leader is Kazuyo Matsuda sensei-Renshi Nanadan (7-dan)  a registered NAKMAS Senior Instructor and BKA National Coach. Former Great Britain National Ladies Team Coach and National Team Coach to the Maltese Kendo Federation.

Paul Budden | 7th Dan Kyoshi

 the 'late' Holt sensei with Budden sensei


The 'late' Holt sensei with Budden sensei



Kazuyo Matsuda club leader.

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