The cost is £75 for seven introductory sessions (student rate: £60 for the course), including:

  • Tuition.
  • NAKMAS membership/insurance cover.
  • Shinai (Bamboo Sword).
  • Carrying bag.

Please make payment by PayPal or Bank Transfer when applying

Should you have previous experience or wish to join from another club, then there is an annual registration fee of £10 which applies to all members, juniors & adults alike for renewal.

If you decide to join after the induction course, costs are as follows,

  • Adult monthly membership fee is £60. This enables you to practice 10 times in a 5 week month or 8 times in a 4 week month.
  • Student membership is £40 per month.
  • Family membership with 1 Adult and 1 Junior member or more is £75.
  • A Junior membership with 2 Junior’s or more is £60.
  • Joint Adult membership where members are from the same family is £40 for each person.
  • Standard junior membership is £40 per month.

Please note that if you only practice once a month or less, then the monthly membership fees remain the same.

Visitors are always welcome, but please notify us in advance of your intended visit. The visitors fee is £7 per session, if however you attend for 3 consecutive sessions and intend to practice further, then you will be required to join the club as a regular member.

Monthly membership payments are accepted by bank direct debit or standing order only.

Private tuition can also be arranged, prices are available on application.

Your membership includes an Introductory booklet, club tenugui, do kamon (badge), usage of club armour is also available and there are no charges for club gradings.

At Kodokan we operate a kyu grade system at club level: beginners and intermediary, Adults from 7th Kyu to 2nd Kyu and Juniors 12th kyu to 2nd kyu. This consists of learning the fundamentals of shinai and bokuto, practicing kata, uchikomi-geiko and Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon-waza Keiko-ho, a method for teaching basics developed in Japan utilising a bokuto in shinai techniques. There is an explanation here on the website of:  Mushinkan Kendo Dojo of Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA 

To take part in BKA events - seminars, competitions and grading - examinations 1st kyu to 5th Dan, Kodokan members are required to be registered members of the BKA (details on how to join are available on request).

For levels: 1st Kyu and above (Dan grades) The BKA National grading level applies and the syllabus be found on their website here

A booklet written by Holt sensei of the Mumeishi Kendo Club is of valuable assistance to 'Beginners' and is available here: Beginners Guide

If you would like to register an interest in starting Kendo, Joining the club, just want to ask a question or to arrange a visit to Kodokan, then please fill in the form below and we will be happy to respond.

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