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Kendo with some 300 years of history is both a cultural activity and a traditional Sport of Japan.

At Kodokan we follow the old teachings of Japanese Kendo which can often be seen in sword fighting dramas and films, but with sportive and competitive elements relevant to the current modern society's needs, this is also very much in line with how Kendo has developed in Japan.

Kata & Kihon keiko ho, also form the basis for grading at Kodokan. In Shinai Kendo we wear protective body armour (which are also the target areas) and use shinai (bamboo foils) to learn the attack and counter attack moves, leading to free practice and competition. A valid strike must be made by a cutting action only; the Shinai should not be used like a club or a stick, as this may hurt your opponent and is very much against the concept of Kendo.

Kendo can be divided into two main aspects: Kendo Kata & Shinai Kendo.

Training with a real sword as can be imagined was very dangerous, so ways were developed to lessen the danger. One item introduced as an alternative to a real sword was the bokuto or wooden sword and we still use this in Kendo Kata & Kihon keiko ho. For this type of practice we don't wear armour to practice the basic moves of attack and counter attack, which are also used when training with the shinai, as they are a very important part of Kendo


At Kodokan we cater for Juniors from 7 to 17 years. At 18 years of age juniors join the adult sessions (see website for further details). From time to time Juniors may practice with senior members and at special events but always under the strict control of the Instructors.

Kendo can be practiced safely by all and provides many benefits for those who train in this unique activity.

Kodokan Instructors are insured to teach Kendo, hold DBS-Enhanced disclosures and First Aid qualifications including AED (Defibrillator on site) usage.

Kodokan are HMRC registered as a CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club).

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