Ladies Kendo Session

The aim of the ladies sessions is to establish a base for female Kenshi in the UK to practice together regularly.

Women’s Kendo started as early as in the 1940s and its pioneer group started to appear in 1950s post-war Japan, along with the modernisation especially in the wake of women’s social status and the educational system changes. So it will soon reach 80 years since this beginning and over the years female Kendo has become more and more popular especially in the recent years.

Today we see championships with female categories attached at various events, with some dedicated female-only events, yet at dojo and club level we are still often in a minority.

It is great to practice with male colleagues and peers in mixed sessions, but it can be more fun and beneficial to just practice with female members as we understand each other, compete and improve in a different way.

This year we will focus more on Kobayashi method, the training method that has been introduced by Setsuko Kobayashi sensei, who is one of the two pioneers female kendoka and has been taught for the last five years at Kodokan Ladies Seminar. The sessions are aimed specifically at female kendo development through this method and are lead by Kazuyo Matsuda 7th Dan Renshi of Kodokan. All levels are welcome.

So anyone who would like to join the group, regardless of grade or age, should contact us to enjoy and make the most of a female Kendo experience where we can strive to improve together.There will be a refreshment to follow after the sessions.

Note there is a standard guest fee of £5.00 per session for non-Kodokan members.

Training times are from 2 pm to 4:00 pm

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