Deadline 21st June 2019 refunds will not be available after this date.

‘Setsuko Kobayashi Eikoku Fine Ladies Kendo Seminar’

with Mayumi Inoue Kyoshi Nanadan assisted by Kazuyo Matsuda Renshi Nanadan, Remi Kono Godan and Megumi Genda Godan

28-30 June 2019

The 13th Ladies Kendo Seminar organised and hosted by Kodokan. This year we will continue to study the particular issues found in female kendo and learn how to overcome the associated problems following on from last year’s seminar lead by Inoue sensei and Matsuda sensei.

The event attracts female kenshi from all over Europe. We focus on the female kendo whilst practising basic and advanced exercises, with the main theme being the Kobayashi Method throughout the seminar. 



This year for the first time, these teachers will discuss female kendo armour as evidence shows how difficult for female kenshi to choose their right size and shaped armour. If you have specific questions this is a great opportunity to get some experienced teachers’ opinions on female specific issues on armour.

Seminar details

Friday 28th June: 19.30- 21:30, Evening session (mixed session with both male and female)

Saturday 29th June: 11:30-18:30, All Day Seminar including Kobayashi method, grading practice, kata and lecture and discussion on bogu for female

Sunday 30th June: 9:30-14:00, The 7th Setsuko Kobayashi Cup (Ladies Kendo Team Championship) followed by summary of Kobayashi method and Jigeiko


Kodokan Kendo Club

Unit 3
Rembrandt House
400 Whippendell Road
WD18 7PG

Seminar fee:
£40.00 GBP

Seminar open to:
Minimum age 14 years old female (for 17 and younger junior a signed parent’s consent form is required) with any grade.

Photo of the 2018 Fine Ladies Seminar

Deadline 21st June 2019 refunds will not be available after this date.

Setsuko Kobayashi sensei

Setsuko Kobayashi sensei is one of the pioneers of the female kendo in the history. Being 81 years old she is a full time Kendo teacher in Tokyo, especially popular amongst female kendoka still today. Recently she started to teach a small group of male kendoka who are preparing for their 8th dan examination, of which one passed two years ago.

She was the winner of the first and second All Japan Ladies Kendo Championships (1962 & 63) and is the second female kendoka passing 7th dan in the history. She is the oldest of four daughters of the Yaginuma clan. Her father was also a well-known kendo teacher. She has lived in the kendo world before and after World War II and has practised kendo for 76 years…

Article : Setsuko Kobayashi Sensei by Ozawa sensei.