Welcome to the 6th Junior Shiai Day on Saturday 22nd September, the all-day event for junior kenshi to practise all aspects of shiai as previous years. The event is open to junior kenshi from 6 to 17 years olds, armour section only. The attendees will be divided into groups and they will work together as teams all day, competing, managing and refereeing the matches. A short lecture will be given on how to take part in shiai and how to referee before the matches start so you do not have to have shiai experience to join this event. Participants who are 15 years old and older will referee as well as competing.Junior kendo graduates of 18 and 19 years olds are also welcome to join the event as youth referees and helpers to assist the junior members on the day. We will not be having non-armour category this year. This year there will be a BKA junior 1st kyu (ikkyu) grading examination at mid-day. Please follow the BKA procedure and apply via the BKA website www.britishkendoassociation.com. All grading queries need to go to BKA Grading Officer John Gale at kendograding@britishkendoassociation.com.

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