NAKMAS is Britain’s only independent National Governing Body for both traditional and modern martial arts and has a membership of 65,000 members. This is made up for 80% children and 20% adults from all walks of life, practising all different forms of martial arts.

NAKMAS is keen to promote martial arts to both abled and disabled adults and children and NAKMAS has a special interest and expertise for those individuals that are on the Autism Spectrum. Two senior members of the NAKMAS National Management Committee are autistic.

NAKMAS is accredited to the government recognised; Equality Standard: A Framework for Sport (Intermediate Level) and is also accredited to the government recognised International Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008) via the British Standards Institution and is very serious about Equality and Quality issues within NAKMAS and has a very effective Welfare Policy which was put together with the help and assistance of the NSPCC.

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