Sasakawa Foundation.

Sasakawa Foundation.

The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation was established as a result of a visit to London in 1983 by the late Ryoichi Sasakawa during which he met a number of senior British figures to discuss the international situation and, in particular, UK-Japanese relations. It was agreed at these discussions that it would be in the interest of both countries if more could be done to enhance mutual appreciation and understanding of each other’s culture, society and achievements and that a non-governmental, non-profit making body should be established for this purpose.

A donation of almost £10 million was subsequently made by The Sasakawa Foundation (now called The Nippon Foundation), founded in 1962, and the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation was inaugurated in May 1985, in parallel with similar initiatives in Scandinavia, France and the United States.

The Chairman of The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation is the Earl of St Andrews.

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